About Us

Here at Printed Little Things, we are passionate about supplying you with high quality personalised gifts and truly unique party decorations!

We love making original personalised products from your photos (the funnier or cuter - the better!) and delivering something that is loveable and can be treasured.

Let Printed Little Things help you to make gifting and party planning personal and fun. 


Our Values

Quality - With over two decades of experience with digital print production, we know how to ensure that the products we make are great quality.  We hand finish all items to order.

The best in the business - we aim to work with only the very best UK producers.

Championing creative talent - Printed Little Things is always looking to work with creative people through our print on demand merchant services. If you're a talented individual and you'd like to work with us, please get in touch.

If you're passionate about great products, love supporting UK based businesses and want to give great presents - check out our range of original personalised gifts.

Like what you see? Love what we do? - Check out our products!